Understanding watches Kw

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Eta Watches kw / OEM or often also called Ultimate, watches with this quality is the highest grade on watches kw, made by standard manufacturing of watches swiss, swiss made or there is also in China using materials best watches, machinery Switzerland, Swiss Casing, I Phone only made in China but the standard American Aple, watches the final result is more subtle and better, to the specific hours instead of collectors could hardly distinguish the original, because the weight and appearance as well as the final result is more subtle 95% exactly like the original, this type of watches kw also often called super clone 1: 1 with the original.
Most commonly branded on the market with a type Eta / Ultimate / OEM Rolex, Luminor Panerai, Tag Heuer, AP and others.
for a price of around 4-10 million
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Watches kw super or grade AAA also called Kw 1 This is the kind of watches kw under the level of version Eta / OEM / Ultimate, watches kw types inih more often we hear on websites or the seller watches online, but not necessarily all watches sold it kw kw super, watches of this type are made in China with the engine casing Swiss or Japanese or vice versa, super kw watches are made with refined but not as smooth as kw OEM / eta, the face of a watch type kw is almost similar to the original watches.
Seiktar market price is Rp 500 – 2 million, depending on the type and variety.
in this super kw watches more inclined branded kelebih general.
– See more at:http://grosirjamtangan-online.blogspot.com/2013/11/pengertian-jam-tangan-kw.html#sthash.fEFd4eQx.dpuf
For watches kw regular or low grade is the most commonly circulating in the market, this kind of watches kw is usually made in China and made China also, the result is more rough, in contrast to the original or different from watches kw super and eta.sahabat wholesale watches can find out more online because of this type of watches more frequently on the market. РSee more  jual jam tangan dijakrta


10 Technologies That Contained in Luxury Watches


A piece of this ring-shaped object that surrounds the dial and terbenamkan into the case to the crystal (the cover on the dial). Although generally stationary, some bezel can be rotated by hand, as well as the watches are commonly used for diving, which traditionally comes with a rotating bezel with markings to help divers calculate the amount of time it takes to return to the surface.

Usually in the form of round, square and rectangular. It’s like a shell of a wristwatch, in the best case containing the movement, dial and hands. jual jam tangan dijakarta

This term refers to the additional function watches beyond standard capability to display the hours and minutes. Technologies such as Chronographs, moonphase display, date indicator and chiming mechanism are some of the most common complications found in luxury watches.

This complication allows the user to measure the brief stretch of time, for example to time laps on the race track, use a separate timer. Chronograph functions have become very popular in men’s watches over the last century.

Sometimes also called winder, this is a small button that allows the user to measure the movement of the wind and set the time.

Also called the face of a watch, this is the place where the disk time, date and other additional indications displayed.

This is a small projection on the case that is used to attach strap or bracelet.

It is part of a complex that makes the clock running, such as in a car engine. There are three main types of movement: battery-powered quartz movements, self-winding mechanical movements and hand-wound mechanical movements.

Second time-zone indicator
This complication shows the time in a second time zone thanks to additional complications additional hand or a separate dial located within hours.

casio watches history

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Watches have become our daily needs at this time. It can not be denied that the modern lifestyle also influence with the growing industry of watches in the world. Progress trafficking hours tanga world market helped stimulate Sakura Japan to further develop the best watches manufacturer. One of the most famous products of the State matahri Rising is a Casio watches. – See more at: http://blog.arlojinesia.com/sejarah-lahirnya-jam-tangan-casio.html#sthash.IcAik9RM.dpuf
Casio was established in April 1946 by Tadao Kashio. He is an engineer who specialized in the field of fabrication. At first Kashio not directly produce watches casio, it berwal of yubiwa pipe production. That ring is used to hold the smoke. However, after World War II, Japan suffered the economic crisis, so that cigarettes are valuable, and it became a successful discovery. The first innovation that created Kashio is when he produced a calculator with key-10 in 1954. Initially this initiative stems from an interest Kashio see electric calculator in Business Show first in Ginza, Tokyo in 1949.

Kashio has some knowledge of electronics, and set out to make a calculator using solenoids. Another innovation is the use of a single display window, instead of the three display windows that are used in other calculators. This innovation is the first in Japan. Innovation continues in 1957, when Casio released the Model 14-A, which is priced at 485,000 yen, and this is the first in the world, which is based on relay technology. Before reaching the industry’s watches, Casio marked success premises didirikanya Casio Computer Co., Ltd. in 1957.

Casio is increasingly becoming popular as they pull out some latest product innovation watches in the 1980s. They became one of the first manufacturers to produce quartz crystal watches, both digital and analog. They are also one of the first watch manufacturer that can display the time in different time zones. Besides watches casio also equipped with a detection tool temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude, and can even display the GPS position. jual jam tangan dijakarta

Now as berkembanganya world of fashion and models, Casio also trying to keep the world market by producing a variety of watches according to customer needs. Even some of the best products become a trademark of the lovers of modern watches models. G-Shock, Beside, Sheen and other types of series to attract consumers. One of the best examples of Casio inoivasi There was also a series as clock woman in the Casio hook iklanya Girlsband South Korean, Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

Little about WATCH

In this world, many manufacturers are selling hours tangan.Sedangkan country is famous for its production of watches there are 2 that Switzerland and Japan. If you see any posts Swiss watches made that means the clock in the design in Switzerland, in production in Switzerland using Swiss machines. As for the clock that uses Japanese machine, it will usually written Japan mov’t (machines from Japan). pusat jam tangan dijakarta

For Swiss watch, in Indonesia there are some products that are very well known in the community such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heur, Raymond Weil, Tissot, etc. Some of the names are very popular among collectors, but for the public rather ordinary Indonesia is Victorinox Swiss Army, Breitling, Bulgary, Mido, Oris, Panerai, Blancpain, Breguet, Chopard, Corum, etc.

Of course there is also the hour of Europe outside of Switzerland, ie Italy and Paris, is the famous fashion clock like Elle. While the United States there are watches like Fossil and Guess. For Elle, Fossil and Guess is a clock with a dominance of fashion, this watch comes from the producers of goods – fashion items and not the original manufacturer of watches.

To Jam Japan, many labels on the market. Which is very often encountered is Seiko and Citizen. There are a few names of Japanese production such as Orient, Casio, and Alba. But the name Seiko and Citizen in the eyes of the world felt more classy. Seiko name in Indonesia is very widely known because the products have been thousands and perhaps millions decorate homes and wrist Indonesian people. (I think many who wear KW):)

Seiko is a watch company that may be the oldest in Japan as established since 1881. During the poor across business hours, Seiko has been incised achievement brilliant namely (1969) Seiko Astron, the world’s first quartz watch, (1973) the world’s first LCD quartz watch with six -digit digital display. Seiko watches are the pioneers of the technology Kinetic (1988). Namely the combination of energy technologies and quartz hand movements. This technology is capable of storing energy from the movement of the hand for approximately 6 months. In contrast to the strength Automatic hover around 40 hours.