Understanding watches Kw

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Eta Watches kw / OEM or often also called Ultimate, watches with this quality is the highest grade on watches kw, made by standard manufacturing of watches swiss, swiss made or there is also in China using materials best watches, machinery Switzerland, Swiss Casing, I Phone only made in China but the standard American Aple, watches the final result is more subtle and better, to the specific hours instead of collectors could hardly distinguish the original, because the weight and appearance as well as the final result is more subtle 95% exactly like the original, this type of watches kw also often called super clone 1: 1 with the original.
Most commonly branded on the market with a type Eta / Ultimate / OEM Rolex, Luminor Panerai, Tag Heuer, AP and others.
for a price of around 4-10 million
– See more at:http://grosirjamtangan-online.blogspot.com/2013/11/pengertian-jam-tangan-kw.html#sthash.fEFd4eQx.dpuf
Watches kw super or grade AAA also called Kw 1 This is the kind of watches kw under the level of version Eta / OEM / Ultimate, watches kw types inih more often we hear on websites or the seller watches online, but not necessarily all watches sold it kw kw super, watches of this type are made in China with the engine casing Swiss or Japanese or vice versa, super kw watches are made with refined but not as smooth as kw OEM / eta, the face of a watch type kw is almost similar to the original watches.
Seiktar market price is Rp 500 – 2 million, depending on the type and variety.
in this super kw watches more inclined branded kelebih general.
– See more at:http://grosirjamtangan-online.blogspot.com/2013/11/pengertian-jam-tangan-kw.html#sthash.fEFd4eQx.dpuf
For watches kw regular or low grade is the most commonly circulating in the market, this kind of watches kw is usually made in China and made China also, the result is more rough, in contrast to the original or different from watches kw super and eta.sahabat wholesale watches can find out more online because of this type of watches more frequently on the market. – See more  jual jam tangan dijakrta


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