casio watches history

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Watches have become our daily needs at this time. It can not be denied that the modern lifestyle also influence with the growing industry of watches in the world. Progress trafficking hours tanga world market helped stimulate Sakura Japan to further develop the best watches manufacturer. One of the most famous products of the State matahri Rising is a Casio watches. – See more at:
Casio was established in April 1946 by Tadao Kashio. He is an engineer who specialized in the field of fabrication. At first Kashio not directly produce watches casio, it berwal of yubiwa pipe production. That ring is used to hold the smoke. However, after World War II, Japan suffered the economic crisis, so that cigarettes are valuable, and it became a successful discovery. The first innovation that created Kashio is when he produced a calculator with key-10 in 1954. Initially this initiative stems from an interest Kashio see electric calculator in Business Show first in Ginza, Tokyo in 1949.

Kashio has some knowledge of electronics, and set out to make a calculator using solenoids. Another innovation is the use of a single display window, instead of the three display windows that are used in other calculators. This innovation is the first in Japan. Innovation continues in 1957, when Casio released the Model 14-A, which is priced at 485,000 yen, and this is the first in the world, which is based on relay technology. Before reaching the industry’s watches, Casio marked success premises didirikanya Casio Computer Co., Ltd. in 1957.

Casio is increasingly becoming popular as they pull out some latest product innovation watches in the 1980s. They became one of the first manufacturers to produce quartz crystal watches, both digital and analog. They are also one of the first watch manufacturer that can display the time in different time zones. Besides watches casio also equipped with a detection tool temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude, and can even display the GPS position. jual jam tangan dijakarta

Now as berkembanganya world of fashion and models, Casio also trying to keep the world market by producing a variety of watches according to customer needs. Even some of the best products become a trademark of the lovers of modern watches models. G-Shock, Beside, Sheen and other types of series to attract consumers. One of the best examples of Casio inoivasi There was also a series as clock woman in the Casio hook iklanya Girlsband South Korean, Girls’ Generation (SNSD).


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