10 Technologies That Contained in Luxury Watches


A piece of this ring-shaped object that surrounds the dial and terbenamkan into the case to the crystal (the cover on the dial). Although generally stationary, some bezel can be rotated by hand, as well as the watches are commonly used for diving, which traditionally comes with a rotating bezel with markings to help divers calculate the amount of time it takes to return to the surface.

Usually in the form of round, square and rectangular. It’s like a shell of a wristwatch, in the best case containing the movement, dial and hands. jual jam tangan dijakarta

This term refers to the additional function watches beyond standard capability to display the hours and minutes. Technologies such as Chronographs, moonphase display, date indicator and chiming mechanism are some of the most common complications found in luxury watches.

This complication allows the user to measure the brief stretch of time, for example to time laps on the race track, use a separate timer. Chronograph functions have become very popular in men’s watches over the last century.

Sometimes also called winder, this is a small button that allows the user to measure the movement of the wind and set the time.

Also called the face of a watch, this is the place where the disk time, date and other additional indications displayed.

This is a small projection on the case that is used to attach strap or bracelet.

It is part of a complex that makes the clock running, such as in a car engine. There are three main types of movement: battery-powered quartz movements, self-winding mechanical movements and hand-wound mechanical movements.

Second time-zone indicator
This complication shows the time in a second time zone thanks to additional complications additional hand or a separate dial located within hours.


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